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Country: Serbia. Member since: March 05, 2013


"BROXinc has been a pleasure to work with! I have never used 99 designs before. I needed a new logo and after five days I was getting discouraged because all the submissions where lame. BROXinc stepped up and made an incredible logo that was exactly what..."
Profile pictureheathred
"very nice, and fast designer, allways tries to change waht your tought were. very nice work"
Anonymous client
"Super happy with our design and Easy to work with! "
Profile picturej4s
"BROX was great to work with. He immediately grasped the brief and was quick and reactive to work with. Technically well executed, too. Excellent work!"
Profile picturePeter Scholten
"I have had Brox do 5 projects for me and I can always count on him too be quick and majorly creative!!!"
Profile picturepathiban
"Love the design. Very quick to respond to changes!"
Profile pictureMadMatthies
"Incredibly talented and truly a pleasure to work with. Our mascot has come to life thanks to BROXinc!"
Profile picturemelissa T
"Great work. He's a Professional. "
Profile pictureMastery1
"It was a great experience giving that it was my first time hosting a contest here on 99designs. My designer answered all of my questions and made changes to my designs until I was satisfied. My designer is like no other; I freaking love my logo."
Anonymous client
"BROX!! These designs are the mack daddy!!! I posted your samples on our facebook group and everyone wants one!!! Thank You!!!"
Profile picturepathiban
"BROXinc has incredible talent. It's truly a pleasure to work with him. His illustrations of our mascot continue to exceed expectations. "
Anonymous client
"I would have never thought that someone could have such amazing creativity. He covered each and every one of my thought and brought it to life."
Anonymous client
"BROXinc should have been the first designer I went with. I look forward to having him illustrate my children's book!"
Profile picturedouglasszeto1987
"Great design, we look forward to using it."
Anonymous client
"Very talented. Exceeded expectations in creating a mascot character. He really brought the concept to life. "
Anonymous client
"awesome design. Super responsive."
Anonymous client
"Broxinc is very good at his craft! I'm very pleased with what he has done."
Anonymous client
"Very creative and talented designer. Brox was happy to make any adjustments we requested and delivered them promptly. Thank you for your great work Brox!"
Profile pictureParrot Rescue Centre
"Great work will utilize again."
Profile pictureRyan Colby
"Super happy with the work done! Great designer! "
Anonymous client
"Excellent designer! Really creative! We are super happy with the end result! "
Anonymous client
"Brox is another fabulous designer I would highly recommend. Gives me exactly what I ask for. If he doesn’t understand something he asks. Great to work with!"
Profile pictureV Bloomberg
"AMAZING!!!! highly recommend.!!! Will be our go-to person from now on. "
Anonymous client
"great guy! he knows what hes doing"
Anonymous client
"The designer created a logo that was far better then what I imagined for this project. Very pleased with the end result. "
Profile pictureV Bloomberg
"Very easy to work with, all changes were made in a timely manner."
Profile pictureranderson 9
"The initial design was great, and they made all the suggested changes promptly, and we're very happy with the end result!"
Profile pictureranderson 9
"BROXlg provided a great logo and social media files for a YouTube gaming channel called TrashRoyale."
Profile pictureJtallant07
"Brox's design was a amazing as usual, and he was great about making small changes to fit my specific needs. Anyone here would honestly be lucky to work with him."
Anonymous client
"Brox is amazing in every way for a 1-1 project. He's an unbelievably talented designer, and as usual he went above and beyond to make sure everything was exacted how I wanted it."
Anonymous client
"Brox did an amazing job on my design, and was very easy to work and communicate with. I'll definitely be continuing my work with him."
Anonymous client
"great job best design, hope to work with this designer in the future"
Anonymous client
"Brox is a beast!!! He should be working for the Disney Corporations coming up with new cartoons and new logos for their major motion pictures!!! I've used Brox 3 times now and he always OVERDELIVERS!!!"
Profile picturepathiban
"Design was perfect! Thanks so much!"
Anonymous client
"BROX was the #1 choice by 10 votes. He has an intuitive eye that the competitors didn't have. I also asked him for a few extras and he was more then willing to hook us up. He made sure we were 100 percent satisfied."
Profile picturepathiban
"Excellent designer, works fast and exceeds all expectations. A pleasure to work with."
Anonymous client
"BROX was very creative and it's what lead me to select his design over the other competitors. We has capable of bringing to life the vision of the logo but with his on twist. It was refreshing and inspiring. I would recommend his work!"
Profile pictureneftali.j.velez
"Very good"
Anonymous client