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University Freshers T-Shirt

rhysgregory needed a new t-shirt design and created a contest on 99designs.

A winner was selected from 72 designs submitted by 16 freelance designers.


How rhysgregory started their t-shirt journey


I'm a current student at the University and I'm looking to help new students (freshers) get to know one another by using these t-shirts.

Once a winner is chosen, I want your contact details so that I can in touch encase I need revisions + other work done. Thank you.

Tell us a bit about who you are and the people you reach

The t-shirts are being designed for new students... (freshers) in a way of introducing them to student life.


i'd like the design in .ai format as well as a high quality jpeg. Graphic must be vector and all text must be converted to curves. Design limited 3 colours – In another separate .ai and .jpeg file I want a list of questions.

Graphic must be suitable for a colour and also white garment.
I have provided examples of other Fresher T-Shirts as well for you to take a look at, something with a similar design would be great. Include the following:

• Text – “Aberystwyth Freshers Week 2010”
• The use of ‘Welsh Dragon’ graphic.. I don’t want this being the ‘focus’ of the design, but fit into design well. The text above should be the main focus of the design.
• Potentially using a similar silhouette based upon my other ‘Aberystwyth’ Design in this new design. (similar to that example design from another university which I have included, it’s in black and white).
• Looking for a nice Bold Font for the text.
• I quite like that black and white ‘2010’ example design I have attached. Perhaps something similar to this, but make it ‘Aberystwyth’....
• Try and be inventive with what you’re doing, keep within the colour limit, make sure it looks really good.

Questions to be listed on second half of t-shirt under the logo at the top. This is to encourage Writing on the T-Shirts

• My Name is........
• I’m from............
• Studying............
• Staying at....

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