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Unlike other types of design, product packaging is super touchy-feely. That’s why your customers deserve easy-to-understand, beautiful packaging that invites them to take your product home. Our designers are masters of the latest trends, and they’ll think outside the box when designing your box (whoa, deep). Get ready for perfect packaging with print-ready files.

Get all this with your packaging design:

A world of expert designers

You have access to our entire global design community who can send you all sorts of creative design ideas, unique to your packaging.
by Cross the Lime

Ready-to-go files and total freedom

Your new packaging design comes with production-ready files that you can send directly to the printer. Plus, the copyright is all yours.
by Martis Lupus

Flexible pricing for any budget

Request and compare multiple quotes, then negotiate the final price with your preferred designer.
by pmo

Need multiple concepts? Start a Design Contest.

1. Tell us what you want

Our interactive creative brief makes it simple to describe your design challenge and set your budget.

2. Get dozens of product packaging designs

Our global community of professional designers present their ideas. You provide feedback.

3. Pick your favorite

Seven days later, choose your winning product packaging design.

Cartons to canisters. We’ve packaged every product.

US$1,199 USD
Young Mothers.
US$749 USD
Distribute to the customer
NOK9,799 NOK
Health conscious consumers, who are looking for better options for making their daily meals without going on an extreme
US$1,699 USD
Generally feminine audience, upper scale, sophisticated, boutique
¥48,099 JPY
age many 30-40, but all ages
We saved a spot for your Package Design Contest.
Start a contest
US$749 USD
Designer Required For A Simple, Sleek And Beautiful Packaging Design
We work directly with more than 600 family farms to provide customers with organic products including coconut product...
Fitness athletes and healthy living ambitious individuals. age 21 - 45 male and female Modern elite class - higher
Ideal customer: - Female - mom with babies and toddlers need to take quick readings from them - she don't want to wa
US$749 USD
by g3mrk
​It set me apart from the others.
Getting all my design work completed on 99designs allowed me to move onto my first sales! Good packaging design is crucial to the overall success of my business.

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Fixed pricing for Design Contests

We have four levels of Design Contests to fit your budget and design needs.

Bronze HK$3,599

  • Expect ~30 designs
  • Money back guarantee

Silver HK$6,099

  • Expect ~40 designs
  • Money back guarantee
  • Larger designer prize

Gold HK$9,699

  • Expect ~50 designs
  • Money back guarantee
  • Larger designer prize
  • Mid and Top Level designers only

Platinum HK$13,799

  • Expect ~40 premium designs
  • Money back guarantee
  • Larger designer prize
  • Top Level designers only
  • Prioritized support
  • Dedicated manager

Your burning package design FAQs, answered.

What will I get with my package design?
Everything you need to move to production. Your product packaging design will be delivered in the correct formats based on your stated needs. Typically this means an editable Adobe Illustrator file, Adobe Photoshop file, PDF file or EPS file.

Since not everyone has the correct design programs to open these files (your printer will), you will also get web preview files in PNG or JPEG file formats.

Plus, you’ll get the full legal copyright, so the design will be all yours.
What do I need to prepare for my product packaging design contest?
Lots of ideas! If you’re looking for inspiration, explore 99designs for fantastic examples of packages created by our design community. 

Bring as many specifics as you can, too. You’ll need to upload your logo and provide us with any set dimensions. Think about what information you want to go on your package and make sure you have that ready. This can include packaging type, dimensions, bottle or box sizes, designs you like, brand details, product specifics, SKUs, product photos, printing requirements and any other specifications that would affect your design.

The more you give the designers, the better they can design for you!
What type of package can I get designed?
Anything, really! We’ve already done thousands of unique product packaging designs for boxes, bags, packets, tubes, bottles or canisters. 

Not sure what you want need? Choose “Other” in the design brief and mention to designers that you’re open to suggestions. Our professional designers can handle all of your product packaging design needs.
Can I use my own images in my design?
Yes. If you have any specific images (like a logo or product photos) that need to be included on your package, please submit them to designers with your brief.

Unless you request otherwise, your designer may also use stock images (purchased from a third party) in your design. If a designer uses stock art in a design, they’ll tell you which images they are and use watermarked versions of them in their entries. Once you choose the winning design, you’ll need to purchase the stock art and provide it to the winning designer so they can complete the design.
What if I have more than one SKU or need additional label sizes/types?
Your custom packaging design contest includes one winning product package in one size. 

If you need designs for more than one SKU, package size, flavor, or style, you have a couple of options: you can run a second contest, or you can start a 1-to-1 Project with your winning designer to create the additional assets.
What is a dieline template?
A dieline template is a flattened outline of your package with all of the cutlines and folds required for printing. Designers may ask you to supply a dieline template at the end of the contest so they can product the final files to suit your chosen printer or manufacturer.
I don’t have a dieline template yet. What should I do?
Your printer or manufacturer will often supply you with a dieline template. If you don’t have one already, you can always launch your design contest now and supply a dieline template to the winning design before they produce the final files.
Can I work with my designer once my contest ends?
Absolutely (and we love it when that happens)! When your product package design contest has finished, you can start a 1-to-1 Project with your winning designer.
Who owns what copyright and when?
On 99designs, designers agree to upload only original artwork, so each designer owns the rights to their design submissions until you choose your contest’s winner. During the design handover stage, the designer agrees to transfer the rights, and you become the owner of the copyright of your winning package design.
Which price point should I choose for my packaging design contest?
We guarantee that you’ll get a great package design at any pricing level, but our higher-priced packages give you more design options and better support.

Here’s how it works: When you pay more, the prize for the winning designer is bigger, too. More experienced designers participate in your contest, so you get more high-quality designs to choose from. More options means additional time that's needed to review your designs. That’s why our Gold and Platinum levels offer dedicated managers to help streamline that process by writing creative briefs and giving your designers feedback.

When selecting your product packaging contest level, think about how much time you’ll have and what experience you have writing briefs and working with designers. If you're still unsure, contact us for a design consultation.
How can I protect my design contest with an NDA?
Choose “Make your contest private” from the Contest options section before you launch your packaging design contest. This will make your contest unsearchable on the web and prohibit designers from using their entries elsewhere.

This will automatically attach a standard NDA template to your contest. If you prefer, you can also upload your own NDA.
Is there really a 100% money back guarantee?
We offer a 100% money-back guarantee within 60 days of payment on all Packaging Design Contests, except those with a guaranteed prize and those that have entered the Final Round. You can also call us anytime to help you rewrite your brief, reopen your project to ensure you get a good result and help you pick a winning design. Remember, if we refund your contest, you aren’t legally entitled to use any of the designs submitted to your contest.

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