The legendary leaflet saves the day

Nothing’s better than the one-and-only one-sheet. With clever copy and beautiful images, leaflets can communicate just about anything—and all in a pocket-sized format that folks can pick up anywhere. Our designers are ready to create professional leaflets that make you look great. 

Get all this with your leaflet design:

Multiple designers (who find you)

Your custom leaflet design contest goes out to our entire global design community. You’ll get multiple styles from multiple designers.
by Cross the Lime

Ready-to-go files and total freedom

Your new leaflet comes with production-ready files that you can print right away. Plus, the copyright’s all yours.
by Martis Lupus

Satisfaction, guaranteed

We’ve got your back every step of the way. Don’t like your leaflet design options? You get 100% of your money back. It’s that simple.
by pmo

How a leaflet design contest works

1. Tell us what you want

Our interactive creative brief makes it simple to describe your design needs and set your budget.

2. Get dozens of leaflet designs

Our global community of professional leaflet designers present their ideas. You provide feedback.

3. Pick your favorite

Seven days later, choose your winning leaflet design. It's like picking your favorite child.

Bite-sized info, any industry. We do it all.

US$599 USD
JH is a hotel management company that handles every aspect of the hotel business. We specialize in management, ownership
US$299 USD
We are re-branding our vending machine company from Nutrivend Inc. to Shooga. We've learned that the name Nutrivend is u
US$199 USD
Pest Control
US$299 USD
We are a cannabis company based in California. This particular project is a consumer-facing leaflet/flyer which touts ou
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US$599 USD
we are a mortgage company that provides loans to people looking to buy or refinance a house
US$599 USD
OUTSIDE COVER: As a pet parent, we know you care about your pet’s health. Our natural premium product is safe, gentl
US$199 USD
we are a dance shoe brand. audience is 20-35 year olds who dance and have active lifestyles
US$299 USD
Age 23 -65, Business Owner, Construction Contractor, Commercial businesses, industrial businesses...

Professional custom leaflet, no matter your budget

Got a new product? Or want to promote a special event? We’ve got a design just for you. Whatever you need, we’ll get you fast, quality leaflet straight from the pros.

Bronze HK$1,599

  • Expect ~30 designs
  • Money back guarantee

Silver HK$2,399

  • Expect ~40 designs
  • Money back guarantee
  • Larger designer prize

Gold HK$4,899

  • Expect ~50 designs
  • Money back guarantee
  • Larger designer prize
  • Mid and Top Level designers only

Platinum HK$8,099

  • Expect ~40 premium designs
  • Money back guarantee
  • Larger designer prize
  • Top Level designers only
  • Prioritized support
  • Dedicated manager

Your burning leaflet design FAQs, answered.

What will I get with my leaflet design?
Everything you need to move to production. Your leaflet design will be uploaded in the correct formats. Typically this means a production-ready Adobe Photoshop (PSD), Adobe Illustrator (AI), PDF or EPS files, but this will depend on your printing requirements. 

Plus, you’ll get the full legal copyright, so the design will be all yours.
What do I need to prepare for my leaflet design contest?
Lots of ideas! If you’re looking for inspiration, explore 99designs for fantastic examples of leaflet created by our design community.

Bring as many specifics as you can, too. Include leaflet style, dimensions, designs you like, company or event details, product specifics, printing requirements and any other specifications that would affect your design.

The more you give the designers, the better they can create the perfect leaflet for you!
Can I use images in my design?
Yes. If you have any specific images (like a logo or photographs) that need to be included with your leaflet, please submit them to designers with your brief.

Unless you request otherwise, your designer may also use stock images (purchased from a third party) in your design. If a designer uses stock art in a design, they’ll tell you which images they are and use watermarked versions of them in their entries. Once you choose the winning design, you’ll need to purchase the stock art and provide it to the winning designer so they can complete the design.
What if I need additional leaflet sizes/types?
Your custom leaflet contest includes one winning leaflet design. If you need a second leaflet for a different company, product or event, you have a few options. You can award multiple winners in your contest. You can run a second contest. Or you can start a 1-to-1 Project with your winning designer to create the additional assets.
Can I work with my designer once my contest ends?
Absolutely (and we love it when that happens)! When your leaflet design contest has finished, you can start a 1-to-1 project with your winning designer.
Who owns what copyright and when?
On 99designs, designers agree to upload only original artwork, so each designer owns the rights to their design submissions until you choose your contest’s winner. During the design handover stage, the designer agrees to transfer the rights, and you become the owner of the copyright of that leaflet design.
Which package should I choose for my custom leaflet design contest?
We guarantee that you’ll get a great leaflet design at any pricing level, but our higher-priced packages give you more design options and better support.

Here’s how it works: When you pay more, the prize for the winning designer is bigger, too. More experienced designers participate in your contest, so you get more high-quality designs to choose from. More options means additional time that's needed to review your designs. That’s why our Gold and Platinum packages offer dedicated managers to help streamline that process by writing creative briefs and giving your designers feedback.

When selecting your leaflet contest package, think about how much time you’ll have and what experience you have writing briefs and working with designers. If you're still unsure, contact us for a design consultation.
How can I protect my design contest with an NDA?
Choose “Make your contest private” from the Contest options section before you launch your leaflet contest. This will prohibit designers from using their designs elsewhere, and your contest will be unsearchable on the web.

This will automatically attach a standard NDA template to your leaflet contest. If you prefer, you can also upload your own NDA.
Is there really a 100% money back guarantee?
We offer a 100% money-back guarantee within 60 days of payment on all leaflet design contests except those with a guaranteed prize and those that have entered the Final Round. You can also call us anytime to help you rewrite your brief, reopen your project to ensure you get a good result, and help you pick a winning design. Remember, if we refund your leaflet contest, you aren’t legally entitled to use any of the designs submitted to your contest.

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