Top 9 at 99 has become a monthly celebration to recognize some truly inspiring designers — you enjoy it, we enjoy it, everyone enjoys it! Why? Because it feels GOOD to enjoy good design.

Looking back over the past year, we couldn’t help but wonder: Out of the 12 winning Top 9 from 2012, who is THE ULTIMATE? We are biased, and love them all. So we need YOU to vote for the designer you believe should be the ultimate Top 9 designer for 2012.

Who’s it going to be:

  1. January: hcpeace
  2. February: komandog
  3. March: freaky
  4. April: DooShan
  5. May: Alfredms
  6. June: gusmedi
  7. July: hazelanne
  8. August: b3rto
  9. September: Designspot
  10. October: zigotone
  11. November: Mark™
  12. December: DSKY

Note: Once you press submit, scroll up and you’ll see your vote has been submitted.

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