It’s Spring Break and pretty much anything goes—design-wise, that is. Our design community has been crazy creative this month, from gorgeous games to outstanding landing pages.

This time around, you cast your vote for the best digital designs. In the end, boorykin’s app design for Cave FRVR came in for a landing. Check out these golden-hour purples and simple illustration created for the mobile game:

best mobile game design 2017
Mobile game design by boorykin

Congratulations to March’s Top 9 at 99 winner!

March Top 9 at 99 nominees

And let’s not forget about the other incredible digital designs we saw this month! Here are the best web and app designs from March’s Top 9 at 99!

All nominees will receive a 99designs t-shirt and design book.

Sasquatch Ukelele

best social media design 2017
Social media design by EARCH

Sit back, relax and listen to the super-chill sounds of Sasquatch Ukulele, your friendly, old-timey uke player.

Mama J

best facebook cover design
Facebook cover by Daria V.

Whoa, groovy. This psychedelic cover image sets the perfect tone for Mama J and her powerful jazz music.


best email template 2017
Email template by thecreatv

Rockstar, a medical marketing firm, wanted clean and crisp for their weekly email updates. This template sure delivered.

Streak mobile game

best mobile game design 2017
Mobile game design by RomaTesla

Bright pastels + minimalist art = thumb-tapping addiction in Streak, a puzzle game of shapes, lines and dots.

The Angling Spirits Club

best landing page design 2017
Landing page by krstatzar

Hey Angling Spirits Club! We’ll take a single-malt, on-the rocks, water back please. Clink!

Save the Bees

best web design 2017
Web design by Mike Barnes

This design’s got all sorts of buzz. ApiHex is saving the bees and saving the world (with the power of awesome design, of course).

Berry Boost

best website design 2017
Web design by jpsdesign

Berry Boost gives your food an extra kick of fruit. Their web design kicks it up too with modern typography, stunning graphics and slick layouts.

Capybara app icon

best app icon design 2017
App mascot by Harrix

The game designers at TI Motta need a new character for their latest app. This might be cutest, cuddliest little capybara there ever was.

Congratulations to March’s Top 9 at 99 nominees!