Christine Lalot (aka C1k) is an illustrator and graphic designer based in France. Despite some wrist pain caused by working long hours on the computer, she manages to create a large variety of designs for clients all over the world. Her unique style is influenced by nature and her garden, and her careful illustrations reveal a great sense of humor and attention to detail.

We chatted about her experience in the design world, her favorite projects and why she loves her work so much.

c1k designer

Name: Christine Lalot
99designs handle: C1k
Location: France
Specialty: Logo design & illustration

Tell us a little about yourself

My name is Christine Lalot and I will soon turn 56. My passion for drawing started at a very young age, when I used to sit in my parents’ garden and draw on the ground with a stick. Back then I had a huge collection of random images, both artistic and advertising—my own “Google Images”, but in unindexed cardboard boxes.

I studied design at the ENSAAMA (école Olivier de Serres) in the ’80s and have never stopped learning. I feel like every day presents opportunities to discover and learn something new, and not only in the design world.

What does your creative process look like?

It really depends on the project. I can start by throwing ideas on a piece of paper, words or quick drawings, or work directly on the computer.

Other times, I look for ideas outside in my garden, which has always been a great source of inspiration for me. And sometimes I prefer doing nothing and just wait for the images to appear in my head.

Why did you decide to join 99designs?

I was strongly drawn to the incomparable convenience and international opportunities that the 99designs platform provides. I also found a lot of inspiration amongst its designers and enjoy working alongside such creative individuals.

Do you like working remotely with clients?

I like working remotely, by all means. In some cases, I even feel that such a distance is necessary in order to maintain a good workflow, and this is super easy to do through 99designs.

The main difficulties I encounter arise from the fact that I’m not really “fluent” in English—far from it! Sometimes I can spend more time explaining my concept than actually realising it. Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating a little, but it’s not far from the truth.

Tell us about your favorite project on the platform so far

While participating in a logo contest for a licorice drink, I had the chance to meet the client, who was from the UK and originally from Egypt. Such a nice person! We then continued to work together on four very different projects—comics, packaging, labels and signage.

Apart from the interesting projects, it was the work relationship between us that was incredible. It included respect, trust, and simply enjoying the work. He also managed to get me to taste and even enjoy his product. Me, who hates licorice!

c1k web banner design
Web banner for “Everything Left Handed”
Where can we find you when you’re not designing?

Probably in my garden caring for the plants, growing my dandelions to be as pretty as their digital equivalents. Also making sure that the cats leave the frogs and birds alone.

If you were to choose another profession, what would it be?

Ornithologist? Botanist? Hairdresser? That’s a tough question… I enjoy designing so much. I love giving colors, shapes and textures to the dreams and needs of others, so it’s hard to imagine myself doing something else.

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