With over 60 million regular players and more than 15,000 courses in the US alone, golf is an incredibly popular sport. New tournaments pop up all the time, along with companies focused on apparel, equipment and education. With so much competition, you need to set yourself apart with a great golf logo to represent who you are and what you do. Just look at how PGA TOUR players like Brian Gay and Stuart Appelby do it, using logos that can be printed on golf balls, bags and hats.

If you’re an entrepreneur in the world of golfing, make sure that branding is one of the big things on your mind. As you start creating your brand, tee off with this set of 30 golf logos that are sure to inspire.

Modern golf logos

Golf has been around since the 15th century, but that doesn’t mean your logo needs to be old-school. If you’ve got a new product (or an old product with new technology), use a modern logo to show that to your customers. Simple, stylized or flat imagery illustrates that you’re not doing things the old way anymore.

But don’t get too abstract. Make sure your logo tells one story. Whether you’re selling balls, clubs or cleats, show those in the logo. Or use the golf icons like a flag to let people know what market you’re in.

A simple logo by Arthean.
A modern take on a classic shield logo, utilizing shading and modern font. Logo by swantz.
A fun combination of a paperclip and flag stick. Design by ks_projekt.
This logo playfully combines a mortar board with a flag stick to clearly get across the idea of golf education. Design by PDdesigns.
Combining the sun with a golf ball is a common and useful style for golf logos. This one is designed by Rumah Lebah.
Minimal lines still convey the idea of a golf course in this logo. Design by KisaDesign.
There’s a dating app for every niche, even golfers. Logo design by cucuque design for golfmate.co.
This logo conveys two simple ideas at once: golf (balls on tea) and linking (the halo around the golf balls). Logo by shaka88.
Bright colors and modern fonts work well together in this logo. Design by ks_projekt for Green Hills Golf Course.
Modernist golf ball logo by MNKlNKO for Hexagon.

Classic golf logos

With its expensive equipment and country club fees, golf can be very exclusive. If want to present your brand towards the upscale market, there are ways to do so without being pretentious. Coats of arms or shields call golf’s royal origins to mind. Script fonts offer a certain amount of elegance. Strong, dark colors feel traditional without being dull.

Naturally, a club called “Traditions” uses a traditional shield logo. Design by Angstrom Alliance for Traditions Club.
This emblem puts the focus on the text rather than the images. Design by Bob (qqbb) for the Orio J. Palmer Charity Golf Tournament.
Earth tones and simple lettering give a sober tone to this logo. Design by Zarkum for Down to Earth Golf.
An Ionic column matches the Greek theme in this tournament logo. Design by Lucas Flach for the Western Canadian Greek Invitational.
The emblem style combined with classic western imagery give this logo a classic feel. Design by swantz.
Design by haganhuga for Kennedy Golf Management.
A classic shield emblem. Logo by BlindB.

Sporty golf logos

For a lot of folks, golf is a relaxing way to spend a Saturday morning. But some people truly appreciate golf as a sport. Action lines, dynamic angles and bright colors give golf logos energy. Show your equipment in motion—like a club swinging or a ball flying through the air—and your customers will immediately see what you do.

A fiery unicorn speeds off at an active angle in this logo. Design by EMLanderz for Unicorn Golf Course.
Though done in a vintage style, this logo shows a golfer at the end of his stroke, giving a strong sense of action. Design by Ctrl.
Even without motion lines, this logo shows an active golfer by his striking pose and bold colors. Design by patrimonio.
Diagonal lines convey speed and movement in this logo. Design by VisibleGravity™.
Speed lines give the impression of a powerful swing at this tournament. Design by NicodeSola for the NBO Oman open.
The action lines make the club feel like it’s moving in this logo. Design by gaga vastard.

Lettermark golf logos

Not every golf logo needs to have an image. While it’s risky not to portray your business with an image, a lettermark has a sense of elegance and class in not being on-the-nose, and it can work well across multiple products—from branded clothing to golf clubs. If your brand is strong enough, the name alone can get customers to purchase your product.

Remember: a lettermark doesn’t have to use only text. Simple images or graphics can also be a part of your logo without dominating it.

A bold, script font is enough to convey elegance and strength in this logo. Design by Dimitry99.
The serif font feels elegant. The flag sticks form an M, keeping the focus on the name and brand. Design by callball.co.
A modernist lettermark uses the ball going into a hole in place of the letter “O”. Design by Milos Zdrale.
An elegant logo can be composed entirely of text, as with this one design. Logo by Dave Roach.
Bouncing ball over a lettermark. Design by Anut Bigger for Swing Right.

The 19th hole: fun golf logos

Let’s face it. Golf isn’t just about golfing. It’s also about getting fresh air, chatting with friends and maybe knocking back a few drinks.

If your brand involves the lighter side of golf, consider bright, pastel colors, bold lines and soft edges. It’s still a good idea to utilize the iconography of golf, but find a playful way to incorporate those elements alongside other fun ideas.

This logo incorporates the 9 (a relaxed round of golf) with a wine glass. Design by TheArtDept.
While riffing on a classic coat of arms, this logo uses golf clubs instead of weapons, and features a beer stein with a subtle number 9 as a handle. Design by brandsformed® for Stein and 9.
The logo feels appropriate for a bar and grill, but the flag (along with the 19th hole implication) let’s you know this particular restaurant is at the golf course. Design by reyki for Slice 19.
This logo uses a golf ball in place of a drink lid, putting a beach scene inside a drink. Design by MisterAdli ™.

Drive your brand to success

The game of golf is all about focus. You need to pay attention to every single factor around you, so you know exactly where that ball is going to go.

Same goes for your golf business. Know your brand. Know your market. And put all that into a great golf logo that your customers can trust.

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