Key’s in. Tank’s full. Engine’s revved. Now, let’s take your startup full throttle. Business innovator and investor Tim Ferriss, the best-selling author of The Four-Hour Work Week, is here with five quick tips to make sure your small business is firing on all cylinders. Ready? Let’s go.


1. Have no competition

What’s better than being a horse of a different color? Being a horse that flies or swims or hosts a swanky dinner party. Pioneer a new product category instead of trying to dominate an existing one.


2. Find your diehard fans

Folks know you. But find those folks that <really know you. The ones that eat, sleep, breathe your product. Focus on them to refine your messaging, market more efficiently and build bigger buzz.


3. Don’t be the low-cost option

Most entrepreneurs bust out of the gate eager to compete on price, but larger companies in your space can easily slash their prices and drive you out of business. If pricing is in your game plan, you better go big or go home.


4. Subtract before you add

More is better, right? Not so fast. Fixing your business problems doesn’t always mean adding more people or resources (which can actually make things worse). Efficiency comes from removing anything that’s unnecessary.


5. First impressions count

Like it or not, snap judgments matter. Nail that first impression with a top-notch logo, landing page, and other marketing pieces to prove that your business is professional and high-quality.


Tim Ferriss' tips for starting a small business

Alright, time to hunker down and get to work! Master these five tips and build a game plan that fits your small business. With a solid, smart strategy in place, you’ll be well on your way to startup success.

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